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Children’s Voices Video Project

The short-form video series that Oxford Global Media filmed in Ethiopia was an innovative way of a disseminating Young Lives’ research about childhood in the developing world. Each of the twelve one-minute films features a short commentary from a child or small group of children discussing their personal experiences of one of the research project’s themes. Inequality, access to education, nutrition and poverty are just a few examples. Using local

Climate Change Communication In China

Oxford Global Media was invited to conduct a project evaluation of the media strand of the multi-sector Climate Cool programme geared to raising awareness of climate change in China. We found a number of distinctive features which marked it out from other climate change reporting initiatives elsewhere. Climate Cool mainly targeted mainstream and specialist Chinese journalists working in Beijing and the cities of Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing, but also journalists in other parts

Innovation In African Business Journalism Training

Oxford Global Media co-designed with the Thomson Foundation a ground-breaking project, Africa Means Business, which shows that it is possible to train business journalists and economic researchers together on the same course. The project succeeded in giving both groups the tools they require, in the process fostering collaboration and valuable networking. There is so much economic activity within African countries that needs to be analysed and reported – from the growth

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