About Us

In a rapidly changing world Oxford Global Media is well-placed to provide strategic advice and other communications services.

We are an independent network based in Oxford. Our consultancy work is combined with active involvement with research and training at Oxford University.

We have operated at senior levels for some of the world’s leading media organisations and international institutions. Between us we have worked for some of the best-known names in the field such as the World Bank, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Oxfam, Save the Children and Amnesty International.

Our work benefits from the hands-on experience, extensive contacts and established reputations we bring to the table.

We offer expertise in strategic communicatons, advocacy, media policy, and journalism. We also specialise in communication and advocacy strategies, as well as evaluations, for international development agencies, human rights organisations, environment groups and academic institutions.

Meet The Team

Paddy Coulter

Media Consultant

Paddy Coulter is a specialist in media and development with over 30 years professional experience of international communications.

Amanda Barnes

Media Consultant

Amanda Barnes is a communications professional with a proven track record of leading successful communication and stakeholder engagement strategies that help organisations make a distinct impact.

Tim Cullen

Tim Cullen spent most of his career with the World Bank, where he was the Chief Spokesman and in charge of media relations for much of the 1990s.