Strategic communications consultancy that supports your objectives

We can help you develop an advocacy or communications strategy that focuses on your core objectives and makes the most of the resources at your disposal.

This is probably the service where Oxford Global Media can add the greatest value to an organisation – and where we have most to offer from our experience of working on communications strategy for development bodies like HelpAge International and the International Aid Transparency Initiative [IATI] and research centres like the Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative [OPHI] and the Technology & Development Centre for Development [TCMD], both within Oxford University’s Department of International Development.

Communications strategy is rather a grand name for having a plan but the plan does need to be written down so that progress can get measured and lessons learned from things not quite going to plan. And of course a communications plan must fit with overall corporate strategy – what exactly is the organisation trying to achieve?

An informed outside advisor like Oxford Global Media can help in honing answers to the big critical questions in any communications strategy:

  • What are the key messages to be communicated?
  • Who are the target audiences for these messages?
  • Which communications channels and tools are likely to be most effective in communicating these messages?

There is a proliferation of media to be considered including the adequacy of the organisation’s website [content and analytics] and electronic communication and the relevance of the international ‘elite’ media versus national media such as local community radio, not to neglect the importance of face-to-face presentations.

But then target audiences are likely to vary from UN, multilateral and regional bodies on one side to grassroots groups, local ngos and thinktanks on the other with a critical mass of national governments, politicians, officials and academic advisors in between. Different horses for different courses.

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