Our other media consultancy services

Our extensive crisis management experience enables us to support organisations in the event of a public relations crisis.

Crisis management

Our experience includes working with many organisations that operate internationally, using our knowledge of managing a crisis situation across numerous countries with the aim of controlling avoidable escalation. If you experience a potential or full-blown PR crisis, we’ll help you quickly set up a rapid response procedure, manage your messaging and deal with hostile media.

We also help organisations develop robust issues and crisis management policies and procedures so that they will able to prevent avoidable reputational damage and be well-prepared for controlling a major reputational threat.

Videos and podcasts

Multi-media content is more than three times more effective than text alone, for engaging audiences. Every organisation should be looking at having multi-media content on their digital platforms, and Oxford Global Media can produce good quality video or audio content within reasonable budget constraints.

Our sensitive approach to interviewing people with little or no experience of appearing in video productions helps ordinary people to tell their story and articulate their message to the target audience. We recognise how important it is for participants to be treated with respect. So whether they’re professionals of community members, we work hard to help participants understand and feel comfortable about the video projects to which they’ve been invited to contribute.

Digital/social media

If used strategically, digital and social media can provide extremely effective tools for furthering stakeholder engagement. At Oxford Global Media we help organisations to better understand the potential of digital and social media to help them achieve their organisational objectives. We also help them develop and implement a digital and social media strategy that optimises use of the range of tools available and utilises them to achieve identified targets for stakeholder engagement.

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