Bespoke media training tailored to the needs of your organisation

Our training programmes can help your team develop the skills to become adept communicators, accomplished broadcast interviewees, or better journalists.

Our team has extensive experience of running media training for international organisations such as Oxfam and Save the Children, media foundations such as the Reuters and Thomson Foundations and academic research centres such as Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute. We specialise in the areas of international development, environment and human rights.

We organise a range of bespoke programmes to fit specific training requirements. At one end of the range these can be one-off coaching sessions for organisation spokespersons involving intensive broadcast-standard interview practice. At the other end we have helped design and implement multi-year journalism training and mentoring programmes on specific topics such as development economics and climate science.

We have experience of running literally hundreds of media workshops and high-level seminars in Europe, Asia and Africa both for journalists and editors but also for development professionals and academic researchers who need to hone their communications skills – and may need help on crisis management.

A particular feature of our approach is collaboration across the disciplines and professions. We are fortunate in being able to call on the services of Oxford academic experts and senior figures within the international media as workshop leaders and resource persons.

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