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Reviewing DFID Media Work

UK AidDFID Communications published  a major review of  its media work to build support for development in the UK. This review, the first since the inception of the Building Support for Development programme in 1999, was jointly carried out by Paddy Coulter of Oxford Global Media and Amanda Barnes of The Partnership.

The review found that DFID funding had gone to creditable media projects including the development funding of 60 programmes on the developing world which had been screened by UK broadcasters and co-funding support to influential broadcasting research on UK media coverage of developing countries.

However, the review found scope for DFID to gain better value from its funding by developing a more co-ordinated media strategy and by extending its priority media targets to include new media alongside television. The report advocated the setting up of a Media Strategy Panel (to include outside media experts) to steer its activities.

The full report is available on the DFID  website

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