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Paris Debate - Is News a Public Good?

David Levy addressed a seminar at Sciences Po in Paris on the topic of L’information est elle un bien public? organised jointly between the School of Journalism and the Political Research Centre (CEVIPOF) at Sciences Po.

Bruno Patino, Dean of the Journalism School, chaired a panel which included Nathalie Sonnac of the French Institute of the Press along with David Levy. David  argued that, while news presents many of the elements of a public good, drawing immediate policy implications from that is not straightforward. Public funding might be one response but poses serious issues around balancing the accountability required from public funding with the political independence required for good journalism. This is not an easy job in countries where politicians are quick to use public funding for political control. A further issue relates to the balance between funding for public broadcasting and new online potential recipients of public funding. For live tweets of the event click here

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